Emily 1985 - 1987

Although my musical doodling’s with Alan Robinson as White Feather continue to this day, Solvent Abuse finished for good in 1985, shortly after our last recording session.


The next venture was a band called ‘Emily’, named after the heroine of the Oliver Postage masterpiece ‘Bagpuss’. The initial line up was me on bass, Alan on keyboard and rhythm guitar, John Harrison on lead guitar, Darren Warner on drums and Shelley Eaton on vocals.


My memory of these times is a little sketchy (quite possibly this is due to an upturn in the intake of grandpa's owd cough medicine) but I know we did do a few gigs with this line up (a memorable one at The Nelson and Railway in Kimberley) and we cut at least one demo tape at Stu Stevens’ studio (lucky for you it's misplaced currently!)

Before long Alan and Shelley had departed, leaving me, John and Darren to continue as a three piece.  

I took on the vocal duties.


Emily MKII also played a few gigs, usually local and often supporting other local bands such as Storm who hailed from Ilkeston, there’s a couple of pictures of us playing the Old Wine Vaults in Ilkeston on this page, 'ark at that bleedin' mullet!

Worthy of mention at this point is John's guitar playing, because by this time he had become an extremely accomplished player, kind of in the mold of Eddie Van Halen (he probably won’t thank me for saying that), he was revered among his peers.


At time of writing John runs the fantastic ‘Roots Emporium’ micro pub in Kimberley, if you're ever in there sampling one of his fine ales ask him to give you a twang on the guitar (he always keep it behind the bar for such occasions!) 


Eventually John left and was replaced by one of my old school friends Anton known affectionately as 'Grezo' (that's a cop out because his surname is Polish and I don't know how to spell it)


Emily MKIII recorded one last demo tape (also lucky for you it is currently misplaced!) again back at Stu's place in Annesley but by the time it was mixed down our three was down to two as one of our number was detained at her majesty’s pleasure for several years......


For the moment my musical journey with the band was over and any smattering of ambition that might have existed in me, left...I think for ever.


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