I’m writing this aged 53, 100% convinced that no one in their right mind will ever take the time to read through it (prove me wrong if yer can be bothered!)

At this time (2018) the music scene is at saturation point, with so much of it accessible through the world-wide-web, anyone with a tablet and an app is posting stuff up and just about any obscure jingle can located within two taps on a smart phone (by the time anyone reads this these will probably be a thing of the distant past)

Even the local stuff floods relentlessly into my virtual life through the many facets of social media!

That’s not to say it’s a bad thing, it’s just the time it takes to sift through the mountains of mediocre to discover the gems, and gems there are should you seek them. To be honest there is an abundance of talent right on the doorstep and I can go out practically every night of the week and see good music locally (Nottingham/Derby and all the satellite towns between) - life has never been so good-right?

I know that I am a very small fish in the rather large pond of aptitude with so many people younger, better looking, with better voices and better ability than I (it’s not hard I hear you shriek!) all swimming about quite contently in the same pool.

Bottom line is that I am a fan of it all and for the moment love still being in the mix.

My musical flower bloomed in the summer of punk and it shaped my life.

It provided me with all the rules I needed to be me, Punk paid no attention to skin colour, nor gender, nor creed, it taught me not to judge, it told me to question everything - it became and remains my one true religion.